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"The P.O. box for your website."
Hosted online forms that integrate into your website
 Visual form designer

Drag-n-drop form element creation and positioning. In place editing of labels, validation error messages and button texts.

 Fully Unicode / Accessible

Use any language for labels, error messages and button texts. Forms follow WCAG guidelines for accessibility and are Section 508 compliant.

 Neutral form style

Neutral form style, customizable colors scheme. The layout is designed to display well regardless of device/screen size.

 No server side installation

The forms are served up from our end and form data is saved on our servers. Just include the link to our javascript file.

Demo forms:

These demo forms do not submit any data.

Contact forms with custom error messages.

Basic contact form Japanese form

A conference registration form without error messages and the form header hidden. With the header hidden the form can be loaded into an iFrame on a webpage.

Conference registration

Custom colors and font: Header is set to a flat rgba(238, 0, 300, 0.3).
Error message background, outline and text also set to match. In the second form the font is set to the 'Geo' font.

Purple colors Custom font

Step 1

 Design your form in our drag-n-drop form designer:
  • Create/reorder form elements using a visual drag-and-drop designer.
  • Edit the title and labels. You can also provide custom form validation error messages and change the text of the form buttons.
  • Form colors can be customized, the header can be hidden.

See User guide » From designer for details.

Step 2

 Include a link to our javascript in your website or use the generated web URL. Forms can be shown in an overlay or embedded into an iFrame on a webpage.

See User guide » Website integration for details.

Step 3

 Check your messages in our online interface.

See User guide » Messages for details.

eoBox advantages:
  • HTTPS all the way: Every aspect of the eoBox service uses secure connections.
  • Reliable and scalable: eoBox runs fully on Amazon's AWS high performance cloud computing platform.
  • There is no storage limit for submitted form data. However, submissions are only stored for 60 days.
  • Automatically filters submissions by bots.


Select one of the options below. You will be taken to our Square payment page. Square will automatically convert your payment from your local currency to CA$. The name and email address you enter on the payment page will be used as the contact information for your account. Please allow 24 hours for payment verification and account setup. Your user ID and the link to download your login key will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

3 forms, yearly fee: CAD $150
(approximately USD $115)
One year subscription to the eoBox service providing 3 forms.
10 forms, yearly fee: CAD $300
(approximately USD $230)
One year subscription to the eoBox service providing 10 different forms.
Note: We do not automatically renew your service. A reminder email will be sent near the end of your 12 month period.